Playing Nature to Conceive Baby Girl Naturally


For one reason or another, a couple might prefer to have a baby of a given gender.

To achieve this, there is the option of using medicines or going totally natural and playing nature’s own game to get what you want.

To conceive baby girl naturally, you have to understand that the sperm cells with the Y-chromosomes (male) swim faster while the female chromosome (with X chromosome) swim slower.

In addition to this, the female chromosome has a longer survival span than the male chromosome.

With this in mind, we can dig into the techniques available to manipulating these differences.

#1 – Have intercourse long before ovulation

This will ensure that only the female sperm survives long enough to fertilize the ova.

The best timing is to have intercourse three days before the actual ovulation.

Though determining the ovulation date might also be a problem, a properly kept record and the monitoring of your hormonal levels can give you indicators to when you exactly ovulate.

On the following cycle, you have to hope that the cycle remains regular and that the male sperms would have perished by the time you ovulate.

This is one of the most viable ways to conceive baby girl naturally.

#2 – Shallow intercourse

This is the second way to playing with the differences of the sperm cells.

With shallow intercourse, the logic is that the sperms will have to travel a long and weary journey before meeting the ova.

This means that most probably, only the female sperm will survive the entire journey to fertilize the over.

This way to conceive baby girl naturally is however not that accurate since there is the probability of some healthy male sperms surviving the journey and spoiling the bet.

It is the best option when use with other natural ways to conceiving a baby girl.

#3 – Acidic environment favors the survival of female sperms

The X chromosome is more versatile hence it can tolerate a variety of adversities.

Some two distinct things it can survive better than the Y chromosome is acidity and temperatures.

By encouraging the dude to tale a hot bath before intercourse, the chance of denaturing a high percentage of the Y-chromosomes is heightened hence reducing the chance of getting a baby boy.

The second thing you can do here in bid to conceive a baby boy naturally would be by keeping the vagina more acidic. This you can do by avoiding an orgasm.

Orgasm fluids are alkaline hence will facilitate the lifespan of the male sperm.

In addition to this, you can explore the exploit if douching with four parts of water and a part of vinegar immediately after intercourse to increase the acidity.

Most of the natural ways to conceive a baby girl can be viewed as a gamble.

The proof of working exists but the chances of success are minimal if you settle for only one technique.

The best way out is by combining all the techniques at a go hence improving your chances of getting it right.

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