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Having a cup of coffee in the morning while reading magazines could be one of my best part of life during weekend.

Today, I read an article about a serious problem that most faced by married couples; failure to plan their future baby gender. When I read this, I suddenly remember my highschool friend, Alicia who write the Plan My Baby course.

She met me few months ago during my son 7th birthday and she asked me to read her ebook and give my review on that.

I remember my friends who are failed with their baby gender planning. They have tried so many alternatives like IVF method just to get their dream baby. But, that is not guaranteed.

So, I get a copy from Alicia and I wish I could give my advice to my friends who are in serious trouble to have their dream baby boy and girl.

You can take a look at:

After read the course, I was so excited! I realized that married couples are able to have their dream baby, but they always failed at planning their baby sex part.

This course is suitable for new and old couples too. It doesn’t matter what your race, nationality, age and even medical condition. Alicia has done her best to deliver her case studies that she has already tested herself few years ago.

Every couples tend to fail to have their planned baby, or it could be you…

Even today we have heard about medical methods like IVF which cost us about $20,000 at no guarantee by the doctor and other methods which are likely recommended by the medical experts, we shouldn’t stop trying other ways.

This course is completely about natural ways to conceive your dream baby; no risk, no surgical procedure and no drugs at all.

And, some of my favourite parts in this course are:

* Tips on how to diet correctly to increase the chance of conceiving dream baby boy or girl
* The behind secrets of theory “X” and “Y” chromosome sperm and how to control which sperm to fertilize egg
* How ovulation calculation affect the gender of our future baby
* How vagina pH level determine either we conceive baby boy or girl
* The best sex positions that help us to have dream baby boy or girl

All of the information in this course is backed up by theorical and scientific explanations too. And, Alicia organised this course beautifully and each part of it is very interesting and easy to digest.

Although some of the graphics are not very nice, I enjoyed reading this ebook since I know this method has a very high success rate; it’s about 90% success rate! Her knowledge in this field is very priceless.

8 out 10 couples in the world failed to have their dream baby and this fact is very scary. They didn’t know the real secrets. Alicia couldn’t 100% guarantee your baby gender and she doesn’t have magic or use traditional astrology method to scan your luck.

But, if you are really serious to have your dream baby, you should grab this chance because Alicia is offering this course at a very low price ($47) and limited copy.

Alicia also tell me that she have e-mail support for all members. She give chance to all members to ask anything that they still not sure about the course at no cost at all. It’s free consultation.

I know she has very strong knowledge about this niche and she can help you! The techniques have successfully helped many couples that I met and it’s proven.

I highly recommend this course to everyone I know.

You must try first at no risk. Alicia is offering 60 days money back guarantee and she will give refund for unsatisfied member.

Take a look at:

I promise you won’t be disappointed, and best of all, you now know the real techniques to conceive your dream baby boy or girl!

My rating for this course: 4/5 stars.

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