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According to scientific research, one of the factors that determines the sex of a baby is the PH level in the womb.

The more acidic the PH level is, the more likely the woman will have a girl instead of a boy.

Therefore deliberate attempts should be made to regulate the PH level to be less acidic.

There are certain food that help with this. Food intake that is rich in potassium and sodium will reduce acidity of the body.

What types of food then will do this?

Important Actions and Diet For the Female

1. Consumption of yam, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and fruits like pears, bananas should be included in the conceive baby boy diet plan.

2. Keeping away from unnecessary stress by women trying to conceive a boy is also important.

The troubled mind produces troubled womb. No conception whatsoever can occur, talkless of boy with stressful womb.

Important actions and diet For the Male

Way You Make Love: Interesting enough, enhancing or adapting the way you make love also can aid in conceiving a boy. Doctors recommend that:

1. Deep penetration, preferably through the back deposits the sperm closer to the cervix aids fertilization faster.

Also, good performance that produces an orgasm which produces an alkaline state in women and the contractions that follows such state all help the sperm move closer to the cervix.

These 2 states tremendously help enhance the Y sperm to reach the fertilization stage quicker.

2. Linked to the above also, a male can help with the conceive baby boy diet plan by eating kiwi fruit.

Dieticians believe it helps the sperm to separate and therefore become more in number as they flow to the ovary.

A male should also abstain from extra marital intercourse as the more concentrated the sperm and ejaculation are, the more likelihood of male conception.

3. Some suggest that the man should try to put on a loose garment like a boxer to cool the testes as the hotter it is, the less the lower the sperm counts.

No matter the effectiveness of the conceive baby boy diet plan, if the sperm count is low, it is a lost battle.

4. Enough caffeine consumption are known to help with conceiving a baby boy.

The main reason is that the more active the sperms are, the stronger they are and have a better chance of swimming faster into the egg and fertilizing it.

So coffee or kola – nut consumption should be included in the conceive baby boy diet plan for better chance of success.

For Both Male and Female

Morality seems to play some important role in how successful the outcome of the diet is.

Both couples should completely abstain from smoking and excessive drinking whenever they are preparing to conceive a boy.

The reason is that both smoking and drinking decrease sperm count which leads to not conceiving at all.

A female in love with alcohol and cigarette might likely have a defective baby to worsen the situation.

We can see that some diets are good to be included in the conceive baby boy diet plan, while others should be avoided like plague.

Also we can see that some natural diet and calculated steps can help in conceiving a boy.

Whereas abstinence from certain action and diet will also help a long way in getting the precious little boy we want.

Many have smiled in the long run by keeping with this simple conceive baby diet plan and keeping with their moral values.

It has always been a total victory- Healthy parents and bouncing little baby boy- All done without recourse to drugs or operation.

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