How to Avoid Miscarriage During Pregnancy?

how to avoid miscarriage during pregnancy

Miscarriage happens when the fetus is aborted following natural circumstances. Oftentimes, it happens during the conception period, but high risk is possible during the first trimester of pregnancy.

The reasons of miscarriage vary from one woman to another. The factors that affect this dilemma seem to be uncontrollable, but expectant mothers should know how to avoid miscarriage during pregnancy and eventually have safe delivery.

To understand how to prevent miscarriages, it is necessary to know some preventive measures.

#1 – Cause

If you are expecting a child you need to be extra careful in everything. Miscarriages can be caused by biological or genetic problems.

The age and lifestyle are other causes of miscarriage. In fact, women aging 35 and above are more prone to losing the baby and those suffering from other chronic illnesses.

Hormonal imbalance and infections can also lead to natural abortion.

Knowing the factors that cause miscarriage can help a pregnant woman to avoid the things that can induce abortion and evading circumstances that cause losing the baby untimely.

#2 – Symptoms

Some women may not even know that they are experiencing miscarriage because no symptoms are apparent.

As you are bearing a child, you need to be knowledgeable about the symptoms or signs and the most noticeable sign is vaginal bleeding.

Spotting is common during early pregnancy, but if you are experiencing excessive bleeding makes sure to consult your doctor. Your health care provider can help you on how to prevent miscarriage during pregnancy.

#3 – Precautions

There are instances in which the cause of miscarriage is not ruled out. The key on how to avoid miscarriage during pregnancy is to ensure regular checkup as early as you plan having a baby.

This way, possible health issues can be ruled out as early as possible so that appropriate action will be done.

Miscarriage does not only happen on early pregnancy but also during subsequent pregnancy. That is why if you are bearing your second child, you should know how to avoid miscarriage during second pregnancy.

How to Avoid Miscarriage During Pregnancy?

Here are some preventive measures that you can follow during the course of pregnancy:

  • Consume healthy and nutritious diet. Avoid foods that contain too much fat, instead eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Ask your doctor about the right diet that will keep you fit while pregnant.
  • Do not smoke or drink liquor during pregnancy. Drink plenty of water instead of taking caffeine and soda. Never attempt taking drugs or medicine without your doctor’s prescription.
  • Avoid performing strenuous physical activities or exercises as it may induce miscarriage. Rather, you can take a walk every day.
  • Follow the doctor’s advice diligently. If you have notice some abnormalities you should consult your doctor immediately.

Miscarriage may happen that you least expected. That is why you should ensure that both the baby and you are in good health.

If you think that your health is not on its prime during pregnancy, see to it that you are having regular appointment with your doctor.

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for a woman, but losing the baby during the pregnancy can mark an unforgettable and hurting experience.

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