How to Avoid Complications During Pregnancy? – 9 Things You Need to Consider

how to avoid complications during pregnancy

Pregnancy differs from one woman to another. Some may not experience complications, while others do.

This is the stage in a woman’s life that involves mixed emotions, feelings and anxieties that can cause complications.

If you are pregnant, you should avoid the things that can make the process complicated that can bring negative impact to pregnancy.

The complications apparent during pregnancy can be the results of various causes. Expectant mothers should know how to avoid complications during pregnancy.

The common complications that are obvious during pregnancy include placental abruption and dislocated placenta.

Likewise, over-bleeding is another complication that can lead to mortality during delivery.

Regular checkup with your doctor can help in avoiding the complications. Modifying your lifestyle is the key to ensure healthy pregnancy.

How to Avoid Complications During Pregnancy

#1 – Avoid eating out – You should be very careful going out and eating out particularly during rainy season. It is because there is great possibility that you may catch infections that can weaken your immune system.

#2 – Avoid gaining weight – Maintain normal weight during pregnancy and avoid gaining extra weight. Keep in mind that obesity can cause complications, thus you should eat in moderation. Possible complications may include high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.

#3 – Avoid flu virus contamination – Avoid personal contact with a person who has flu to avoid contamination of virus.

#4 – Keep safe at work – If your work involves exposure to harmful radiation, chemicals and textile dust, it will pose direct impact to your baby. You should also avoid prolonged standing, pushing, heavy lifting and exposure to toxic and harmful substances.

#5 – Avoid taking caffeine, nicotine and alcohol – Another way on how to prevent complications during pregnancy is to avoid smoking or inhaling cigarette smoke. Caffeine and alcohol consumption should be stopped as soon as you are conceiving.

#6 – Adequate folic acid intakeFolic acid is important for the development of your baby. Adequate intake can prevent potential neurological defects. However, too much intake can also pose risks, thus you need to consult your doctor.

#7 – Avoid stress – Keeping the mental health is necessary during pregnancy. As much as possible. Expectant mothers should be healthy and happy, thus stress and anxiety should be avoided. It is because stress can lead to low birth weight of the baby and the mother may suffer pre-eclampsia.

#8 – Test for lead – If you are planning to conceive, it is important to have a test for lead. Otherwise, if there is lead stored in your bones, there is great possibility that it will be passed to your baby and affect the development.

#9 – Minimize the use of personal care products – Most of the products used for personal care contain chemicals that can affect the development of your baby.

Knowing the things on how to avoid complications during pregnancy gives assurance that you will give birth to a healthy baby.

Pregnancy involves complications, but as long as you are observing the precautionary measures, you can ensure that you are on the right track.

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