3 Ways on How to Get Baby Boy Naturally


In this beautiful chance, I will let you know about how to get baby boy naturally. It will be very useful for you if you want to have a son.

You don’t need to use any medical ways to be able to get the baby boy because you can get the baby boy naturally, if you know how to do it.

In this article, the ways I give to you is really great ways because they can help you in making the reality to get the baby boy.

Commonly, many couples want to have the first baby with the boy gender. For that, you should understand on how to get baby boy with the natural way to turn your hope into a reality.

Some important ways to get the baby boy:

#1 – Predictor Kit


You can use this predictor kit to calculate your ovulation period. It is very important to be done because if you know when is your ovulation period, you can get the baby boy.

You may have the big question about this. Some people didn’t know about the relation between the ovulation period and the baby boy.

Actually, from this way, you will know the time of the release of the Luteinizing Hormone (LH). After you know the time of this LH, you should have the sex before the release of the hormone.

If you do after the release of the LH, it will have the chance you get the baby girl because the sperm that can live longer is the girl sperm. You should have sex before the time of the ovulation.

#2 – The Position of The Sex


The fact, the sex position will affect the gender of the baby. This is because the penetration will affect the sperm distance to the cervix.

If you want to have the baby boy, your partner should make the penetration deeper because the Y chromosome is quicker than the X chromosome, but it can live longer.

Do you know what is Y chromosome?

Well, every human has two chromosomes. Y chromosome comes to the boy, and then X chromosome is in the girl.

#3 – Decrease The Acidity and pH


The low acidity and pH will cause the baby boy. Actually, the sperm can’t survive longer in the highly acid vagina.

To know the acidity of your vagina, you can buy the pH test strip.This tool can be bought in the health food store.

Using this tool is very easy because you can know the acidity of your vagina by taking the cervical mucus to put in this tool.


If your vaginal pH is 7.5 until 9, it means that you have the good chance to have the baby boy.

Then, to decrease the acidity and PH, you should consume some food that contains the alkaline. Those are cabbage, green beans, garlic, radish, spinach and the others. Those are the vegetables with the green leaves.

You should avoid consume the acidic foods such as eggs, yogurt, cheese, milk, ice cream, and the others.

However, you may consume the acidic food such as red meat, salty snacks and caffeine. These foods are very good because they help you to get the pregnant faster for the baby boy.

Those are 3 ways on how to get baby boy naturally. Hopefully, it can be very useful.

Need More Tips on How to Get Baby Boy Naturally?

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