8 Ways to Conceive Twins

8 ways to conceive twins

The following shows a list of 8 reasons on how to conceive twins. Ahem, not the copulation process, that doesn’t need to be discussed any further.

These tips were shared by The Cute Pregnant Mothers Society. Hopefully it is useful, and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

#1 – Genetic

If in your family bloodline there is a couple that have twins, there is a high chance that you may also get twins. This is because those traits are inheritable. The aforementioned traits is the conjuring of two ovums at the same time.

#2 – Age

Women at the age of 35-40 and above have a higher potential of conceiving twins. At that point, a lot of women will get treatment for their fertility.

Furthermore, they are prone to produce more than one ovum during ovulation, because the process is already interrupted by the perimenopause process.

#3 – Children count

The more children a person has given birth to, the higher the chance for them to give birth to a pair of twins next time.

#4 – Body weight and height

Taller and heavier women have a higher chance in conceiving twins.

#5 – Diet

A certain food intake containing a high level of estrogen can increase the chances of conceiving twins.

#6 – Fertility medication intake

Taking fertility medication can increase the possibility of someone to produce two ovums during the process of ovulation, at the same time increasing the chances of conceiving twins.

Clomid gives a 10% chance while Gonal F gives 30% chance in getting pregnant with twins.

#7 – Eat more yam, potatoes, and milk

These three type of food can increase ovulation on eggs and might bring twins. There are some who say, if we drink milk accordingly from a young age, the chances in getting twins is high.

Also, if you make it a habit to eat yam, potatoes and milk, it not only is good for conceiving twins, but it is also a way to conceive girls for couples who have been married for long but has yet to bear any children.

#8 – Others

Apart from marrying twin descendants, there are actually a lot of ways to conceive twins.

But most of the ways are quite unhealthy, like getting pregnant at an old age, getting pregnant while still breastfeeding a baby, getting pregnant while the mother is fat and other ways of the same nature.

It could result to conceiving twins but the baby would possibly suffer from health issues. There is also a high possibility for abortion, unhealthy twin babies or a problematic fetus.

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