10 Free Applications To Assist Your Pregnancy Planning

Getting pregnant and planning pregnancy could be challenging for women.

This article aims to help women who are planning to start off a family and getting pregnant.

1. Pink Pad Period


The Pink Pad Period application is an all-in-one application for women’s health. This application is able to monitor the menstrual cycle, ovulation calculation and fertility level in graphics or charts.

It is easy for women to plan for pregnancy or to start off a family. This application has been developed with its own social networking, where you could obtain information about women’s health related products through in-app, as provided by the application.

The calendar function, which can be monitored, enables you to know important dates (it also can be shared with your spouse!) precisely.

By using smartphones, the Pink Pad application can be downloaded for Apple and Android users. It can also be downloaded for free for ‘lite version’, while for ‘pro version’, some charges are applicable.

2. Feritility Friend


Free application which has been developed parallel with its website FertilityFriend.com enables you to integrate both versions in your browser and smartphones. It gives you access with colourful calendar that could monitor your fertility levels.

It could also give you fertility statistics and provided you supports in personal forum and other supporting information such as eBooks, tutorial and video in which you could share with your friends.

FertilityFriend can be directly downloaded from the website or smartphones for Apple and Android platforms. This application is present in two versions, which are free version and paid version.

3. Period Tracker


If you would like to have an app that can ease your life by clicking on only one button, Period Tracker is one of them.

This app can help you count the upcoming menstrual cycle based on your 3 previous menstrual cycles.

In addition, this application will detect your mood, any symptoms, weight and your body temperature to measure your fertility level. It can be downloaded in Apple and Android platforms.

4. My Fertility Food


One of the factors that influence one’s fertility level is because of the types or habits of food intakes consumed. This iPhone application helps you by listing all types of food for women who are planning to get pregnant.

Not only that, if you are planning not to get pregnant in the near future, this application provides list of food and healthy menu for balanced diet.

At present, the healthy menu list can be taken once a day at a finger click and can be taken anywhere in your smartphones.

5. Lily Pro


This beautiful application can be downloaded in Apple platform. This application will calculate your fertility level based on your body temperature.

Apart from that, the data given based on your collected personal information can be changed to PDF version and straightaway sent to your email.

It needs password to access to the application in order to protect user’s personal information and data.

6. iPeriod


iPeriod application has once received “The best iPhone Application for Career Women” by Forbes Magazine.

It acts as your personal assistant for your fertility. iPeriod will send reminders through emails, fertility cycle and also reminders for breast checkups.

These adjustable and traceable notes via email enable you to trace all the information from this application, including those related extra information.

7. My Mobile Fertility


Undergoing the most fertile period could be the toughest process especially for those who are planning to get pregnant. But worry not, because this application will ease your journey towards pregnancy.

My Mobile Fertility is the first mobile application, which provides holistic information directory for your fertility needs.

This application offers something that is extremely precious and it could help you at your fingertips.

Lists of local clinics and support systems that are able to help you to undergo fertility process are also listed in this application.

8. Kegel Camp


Kegel exercise is popular among married women because it is a very simple exercise routine.

Kegel exercise could help stretch and strengthen pelvic muscle, increase blood circulation to pelvic area, which could boost your overall reproductive health.

This iPhone application provides schedule and sends reminder when Kegel exercise should be performed.

After this, there is no such thing as one forgetting to do Kegel exercise because of the reminder from this application. All the exercises in this application is very useful throughout pregnancy and post pregnancy.

9. WomanLog


Did you forget to check on your body temperature today? How about multivitamin? Did you forget to eat them?

With the busy lifestyle women are going through these days, WomanLog will be able to help you to keep in mind of these questions.

With a variety of options for the interface, you can select and enter information in your menstrual cycle.

For women who experience irregular menstruation or have physical and emotional reactions that are uncertain at specific times of the month, this application enables you to view your menstrual cycle patterns.

This application can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android platforms. There are two versions: a free and a paid version.

10. Period Diary


Want to know when your next period? Trying to get pregnant?

Period Diary application will be able to help you. This iPhone app will track your menstrual cycle and predict your upcoming period.

If you are trying to get pregnant, this application will detect the signs of ovulation to increase your chance to get pregnant.

This application will be able to be used as a menstrual tracker for those who are having irregular menstruation, ovulation period and also the fertile period.

So like most people say, everything is at your fingertips. It is extremely easy to use these applications. What you need to do is just keying in the first and the last day of your period. Do it every month.

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