How to Get Pregnant With a Girl? – 7 Tips For You

how to get pregnant with girl

For the first time moms, newly wed couples, or for those who have already baby boy in their family, collecting pink stuffs is another cute blessings that can complete a family.

Every couple, especially the mothers, would definitely like to change your diet who can play with them, put accessories, and reward all the things that they have collected.

But one of the primary questions that most of the mothers and fathers ask is that how to get pregnant with a baby girl?

How To Get Pregnant With A Baby Girl?

Here are some points that you, and your partner can consider.

#1 – Have A Conditioned Mind And Body

conditioned mind body

The primary thing that every couple can do in order to have a baby girl in their family is to have a conditioned mind and body. It is proper that both you knows exactly every challenge of getting pregnant.

If you really have a tough job that let you carry heavy things, you must start reducing it or have some break on your job so that you can concentrate on your plans.

Your mind and body must work relatively to have a healthy lifestyle.

Talk to your partner about the physical problems that you always experience, this is one of the ways on how to get pregnant with a girl.

#2 – Understand The Importance of Ovulation

importance of ovulation

Ovulation pertains to the mature egg that is released on the ovary, sent to the fallopian tube, and ready to be fertilized.

Almost every month, an egg will grow mature in the ovaries. Once it already attain maturity, the egg is freed by the ovary and goes to the fallopian tube to find its way to wait the sperm in the uterus.

Uterus lining becomes thick in preparation for the fertilized egg, thus, if there is no conception happens, uterine lining together with the blood, will shed.

Shedding of the uterine wall and the unfertilized egg would mean menstruation.

#3 – Know How Female Sperm Works

how to get pregnant with a girl

Remember that the female sperm are larger than the male sperm, which means they are slow swimmers.

With this, having a sex few days before the ovulation, can be a good way on how to get pregnant with a girl.

Thus, sperm have the capacity to live of about five days, and the complicated part is thinking when to sex in relation to the ovulation.

In connection with this, the male cannot reach the uterus, but the girls have the capacity.

Take note also that after having a sex before the ovulation, see to it that you do not perform any unprotected sex of at least two days after the ovulation.

#4 – Vagina Environment

vagina environment

The girl sperm like to rest on acidic environment, similar to the entry to the vagina.

Thus, your partner must attempt that the penetration must be light so that the sperm will be release near to the vagina entrance.

This will hinder the male sperm and offers the females a higher possibility.

#5 – Skip Orgasm

skip orgasm

Another way on how to get pregnant with a girl is to skip orgasm.

This is because the female orgasms can turn the vagina into an alkaline, one of the things that the girl sperm hate.

Your sex position also matters. The common positions that is advisable to have a baby girl are woman on top and the missionary as it creates a shallow penetration.

#6 – Change Your Diet

change diet

You also need to change your diet.

Observe all the food that you eat and increase the quantity of eating food and drinks that contains high levels of acids, however it must in accordance with your proper diet.

As it can help your girl sperm find a more acidic location.

See to it that you lessen the intake of foods that contain potassium, sodium, and caffeine, and instead improve magnesium and calcium.

Some of the foods that you can eat on how to get pregnant with a girl includes:

  • Turkey
  • Chicken
  • Green beans
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Corns
  • Rice

#7 – Have Frequent Bath Time

have frequent bath

You also need to have frequent bath time.

It is believed that the male sperm are heat-averse, therefore taking a bath before having a sex can help to weaken the male sperm that is waiting to be released.

Soaking in a warm tub can help of reducing the male sperms.


These are the most common ways that you can take in order for you to have a baby girl in the natural ways.

If you hate taking the scientific methods, considering these things can help you on your goal on how to get pregnant with a girl.

Having a baby girl is not just a work that you can accomplish alone. It is very important that you, and your partner are educated on the right things that you perform so that both of you will enjoy the rewards of having a little princess.

If you keep all these things in your mind, you will definitely get a higher rate of getting pregnant with a girl.

Need More Tips on How to Get Pregnant With a Girl?

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