5 Tips On How To Conceive Twin Baby Boys Naturally


Most married couples today are searching for natural ways on how to conceive twin baby boys. Actually, having this goal is really difficult primarily when they don’t have in their family the genes in having twin siblings.

It is true that when you have relatives that have twin siblings, there is also a possibility that you will also have it. However, this is very rare to happen and that’s why most of the people today are looking for several ways in order to have twin boys.

It is true that there are several ways on how to do it but, it will better to use the natural ways because it will never give you negative reactions in your body. Aside from that, you will have the assurance that it will give you great result.

In several countries, they are utilizing scientific method on how to conceive twin baby boys. This scientific method is usually offered in a very expensive; that’s why only wealthy people can afford and undergo for it.

There are some situations that the process of it doesn’t give a great result so couples who want to have twin baby boys are still looking for safe and effective ways on how to have it.

Through the help of medical experts, they discovered that there are natural ways that can be followed by married couples on how to conceive twin baby boys. With these natural ways, you will have the assurance that you can have twin boys without spending lots of money and time.

Actually, these are made affordable yet effective for women. Most of the married couples who have already tried it really gain baby boys which they dreaming off for several years.

Their babies are very healthy and don’t have any health illnesses. Because of this, they recommend these ways to newlywed couples who also want to have twin baby boys.

Before you perform the natural ways below on how to conceive twin baby boys, you must consult first your doctor so that you will know if these natural ways are appropriated in the condition of your health.

This is one of the finest ways that you should do in order to avoid regrets and disappointments. The natural ways on to have twin babies will guarantee you that even in a simple process; you can still have twin baby boys.

#1 – Know your family tree or history of your family

Knowing the history of your family can give you great possibility that you will have twin baby boys. In this way, you might have the genes that will help you have twins.

This is one of the best ways that are often used by a lot of married couples because it provides a great and real result.

#2 – Gain more weight

According to some doctors, women who have body mass index for about 30 and above might have the possibility to have twin baby boys. Eating more foods during breakfast like cereal can increase the chance to have male twin babies.

#3 – Taking folic acid supplements

Study shows that taking folic acid can help you conceive twins primarily when a couple want have twin boys. Women should take this supplement before they get pregnant.

When you take this supplement, it will give you 40 percent of assurance that you will have baby boys. However, before you take this kind of supplement, you must consult first a doctor to avoid health issues or side effects.

#4 – Eating dairy foods

A certain doctor said that women should eat dairy foods because it will give them guarantee for about 5 times that they will have twin baby boys.

It is true that taking milk from healthy cows can really increase your hormone which can be one of the reasons that you will have twins.

#5 – Eat yams

Eating yams is one of the secrets why some women have twin boys. Yams contains safe chemical which is trigger the increase the chance of having twin boys.


These are the natural ways that the two of you and other couples should do in order to have twin boys. Make sure that before you take these ways, you must remember the reminder above.

With that reminder, you can avoid yourself for some health issues from it. Even though you will not get twin babies, you can still live with your husband.

It is true that having twin baby boys always depends in the genes and if when you’re chosen way or method gives you the assurance that you will have twins.

Married couples who have twin boys are very lucky because they really get their want. If you want to know more about on how to conceive twin baby boys, you can ask ob-gyne about it. They will surely give you lots of information that will suit in your health.

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