Great Ways Of Planning The Sex Of Your Baby


For most women planning to get pregnant, the issue of the gender of the baby always comes to mind. Most women wish they would be able to determine the sex of their baby depending on their preference.

This has been a challenge for most women who seem not to be aware that the sex of a baby can be planned naturally. How to plan the sex of baby should not be such a daunting task. The following are some of the ways of planning for the sex of your baby;

Planning For a Boy

1. For women planning to conceive a baby boy, one of the best ways of doing this is by taking temperatures of their body at specific intervals during the menstruation period.

You should take the temperature at regular intervals. It is a well known fact that if you want to conceive a baby boy you should have sex when the temperature is the highest during your menstrual cycle.

However it does require a lot of patience to be able to give the best results since you will have to check your temperature at different intervals in order to work. This is one of the best ways of how to plan the sex of baby.

2. Another way of ensuring that you conceive a boy is to have sex a number of times during your menstrual period.

You are then supposed to stay on you back after sexual intercourse for about 20minuites in order to allow time for maximum sperm retention on your body. This is bound to help you conceive a boy.

3. Try tracking the discharges from your cervix at regular time intervals during your menstrual cycle.

Whenever the fluid turns to clear, it is always an indication that you are preparing for ovulation. This is the best time to have intercourse as you are assured of conceiving a boy.

Planning For a Girl

1. One great way of planning for a girl is to have sexual intercourse approximately 2 days before ovulation.

Always ensure that you do not have sex during the ovulation period to be able to increase your chances of conceiving a girl. Scientists have shown that this is one of the best ways of how to plan the sex of baby.

2. Try having intercourse where the man is always on top of you so that you are able to increase your chances of conceiving a baby girl. It is well known that this is one of the best ways of planning for a girl.

You can be assured that it works wonders. After having sexual intercourse, try staying on your back for about 20 minutes in order to allow the maximum amount of sperms to be retained.

3. Doctors have also shown that there is a strong correlation between eating foods rich in magnesium and calcium and conceiving a girl.

If you are grappling with how to plan the sex of baby, this is one of the best ways of planning for a baby girl. It has been shown to work for many couples looking to have a baby girl.

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    Thank you. This is very interesting. When I was pregnant I used chinese birth chart and it works fine for me.


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