7 Tips To Find Out The Sex Of Your Baby


Finding out sex of the baby is what consumes the thoughts of many pregnant mothers. They tend to have some random imaginations about the gender of the baby they are carrying.

Well, if you are wondering whether to buy that cute pink sweater for your baby girl, or maybe that cool blue jacket for your baby boy, there are simple ways you can determine the sex of your unborn baby.

You don’t have to go to hospitals and have your belly examined or put through some machines to determine whether it’s a boy or a girl you are likely to give birth to. As a matter of fact, you can do it yourself.

All you need is to equip yourself with some few points and you will know what clothes to add to your baby’s closet or what name you wish the baby to have.

Some of the natural ways of finding out sex of baby may seem like the “old wives tales,” but the truth is that they have been proven to be very effective. Research indicates that many mothers who have given birth knew the sex of their child way before they gave birth.

And how is this possible?

1. If you do not experience morning sickness during your first trimester then it’s a baby boy you are carrying. On the other hand, if it’s a girl, in your early days of pregnancy you will have to experience nausea, vomiting and dizziness every morning.

2. The heart rate also determines the sex of the baby. If your baby’s heartbeat is less than 140 beats per minute, it’s more likely you will give birth to a boy. For a baby girl, the heart beat exceeds 140 beats per minute.

3. The side where the weight lies is also a determinant in finding out sex of baby. If the weight shifts out in front then it’s a boy. If it lies on the rear and on your hips, it is likely to be a girl.

4. If your belly is round or basketball shaped, you are probably going to give birth to a boy. If its oval or watermelon shaped then it’s a girl.

5. If you find yourself craving sour or salty food, then be sure to get some boy staff. If it’s sweet products you crave, you are probably going to need a few dresses in your closet.

6. As for the food products, mothers who give birth to a boy are often linked to loving protein products such as meats and cheese. For those who give birth to girls, they tend to like fruits and fruit juice.

7. The color of the urine is also a factor that is put into consideration. If your urine is bright yellow in color, you are going to have a baby boy. On the other hand, if your urine’s color is dull yellow, be sure to get a girl.

Finding out sex of the baby through these ways may seem very interesting but the truth is that they do work well.

An ultrasound may answer your questions but you could also seek the answers yourself through various natural ways. As crazy as they may sound they have been proven to be very effective in knowing the gender of the baby you are carrying.

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