11 Effective Ways Of Predicting Baby Gender

There are various natural ways to predict your baby’s gender. Some natural methods of predicting pregnancy gender are listed below:

1. Using dangling ring.

Using your wedding ring on your belly while pregnant. The method involves dangling a wedding ring around your belly while pregnant. If the ring makes swinging fort and back it is definitely a boy. If the ring makes circular movements then you have predicted a baby girl. Many women have used this and testify it works.

2. Using the heart beat of the baby in the womb.

If it is measured that the heart beat is less than 140 beats per minute, you are predicting a boy. More than 140 beats minute you are predicting a girl. The theory is highly backed up by scientific research where studies have proved it to predict correct for 91 percent for boys and 74 percent for girls.

3. The linea ningra theory.

It is believed that if during pregnancy the linea nigra runs to the bottom of the belly, you are expecting a girl while on the other side is a boy if it extends to the xyphoid.

4. Using Drano test.

If on mixing Drano with pregnant mother’s urine it brings out two results, turns brown predicting a baby girl or turn bluish green predicting a pregnancy gender of a baby boy.

5. Your appearance as a woman.

It is predicted for women looking prettier during pregnancy to be carrying baby boy, on the other side it is believed carrying a baby girl is taking some of your looks hence making you look less prettier.

6. Basing on your morning sickness.

Many women complain of a baby girl to be bringing a lot of morning sickness, hence a predictor of your baby gender. Pregnancy with girls is associated with a lot of hyperemesis gravidarum.

7. Belly looking like a basketball or water melon.

If your belly resembles a water melon it is believed you are most likely carrying an girl while resembling a basketball is a prediction of a baby boy.

8. Nature of carrying.

If your are carrying high is a prediction of a baby girl while carrying low is assoiciated with prediction of a baby boy.

9. Basing on Chinese gender chart.

The chart stipulates different age, and month of conceiving the baby .The chart predicts baby gender up to 90 percent correct.

10. The size of growing breast during pregnancy.

Breasts may grown during your pregnancy till you feel they have grown three times more than normal, this is a prediction of a baby girl while with less growth of your breast during pregnancy it is a predictor of a baby boy.

11. The color of your hair, skin and nails.

You may be experiencing dull hair and breaking skin during pregnancy. This is an indication of a baby girl while the prediction of a boy using this method is when you experience good and healthy skin with good and pleasant hair.

The methods work to many according to testimonies given you can try and find out yourself and become a witness.

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